Our Research Department has participated in numerous innovative projects - in fields as varied as code analysis, insurance composition, the definition of radio test benches, the development of secure platforms, operational security assurance and even communicating vehicles - which enables it to maintain a high level of requirement and expertise in the security of numerous IT technologies.


These projects and the associated technological watch enable us to be armed to face the new challenges and problems of the security of tomorrow's solutions.

Research and Investment Platform

for the Safety and Security of Autonomous Mobility 

The objective of the PRISSMA project is to define a qualification framework for the safety and security of autonomous road transport services. The challenge is to identify and list the safety and security objectives for AI-based autonomous mobility systems in order to develop validation processes that can be used at the international level (by 2024). The aim is to implement prerequisites that will enable France to position itself at the European level to host test centres.
"Big Challenge" project

City-Level Cyber-secure

Multimodal Transport Ecosystem

This project aims at securing multimodal transport systems (systems combining different types of transport: bus, train, bicycles, aeroplanes,...) by improving existing cybersecurity solutions and adapting them to these systems (large, complex, multi-domain), i.e.: methodology and risk analysis tools identifying the propagation of risks, but also the management and supervision of threats, user training, communication with CERTs and CSIRTs, validation and demonstration of the project results.

Trusted Autonomous Mobility


TAM's project aims at providing high levels of security and trust in autonomous mobility systems. It consists of the specification of use cases specific to autonomous vehicle deployments, the assessment of associated cybersecurity and safety risks, the specification and implementation of privacy protection and misbehaviour detection countermeasures, and the definition of crypto agility mechanisms taking into account the challenge of post-quantum cryptography. The project will include performance evaluation of the solutions.



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