Our CSR commitments

For more than 150 years, we have been accompanying society's transitions, providing our expertise in risk management (technical, human, environmental and digital) and supporting our customers to enable them to do their jobs safely.


In October 2023, Apave reaffirmed its willingness to take its share of commitments and actions by reworking its CSR strategy and integrating it into the Group's development strategy.


At Apave, CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our commitments in this area are in line with our DNA and our history, and reinforce our desire to take action and support the transition to energy, ecology, society and digital technology. The actions we are taking are fully in line with our raison d'être: "Acting as a trusted player for a safer, more sustainable world that promotes shared progress".

The Apave Group's CSR strategy

is based on 5 commitments

#1 . Committed to the health and safety of our employees: Acting for the health, safety and well-being at work of all our employees.


#2 .  Committed to training 100% of our employees in sustainable transitions and making them active players: Ensure that all our employees increase their knowledge and skills with regard to the challenges of sustainable transitions, so that they can contribute to them on a daily basis.


#3 . Committed to decarbonizing our activities: Measure, monitor and act to reduce the carbon footprint of the Group's activities.


#4 .  Committed to the equality, inclusion and development of all our employees: Acting to strengthen insertion, inclusion and professional development within the Apave Group.


#5 .Committed to working alongside our customers to help them succeed in their sustainable transitions: Develop a specific range of offers, called "Green & Social", to support our customers and help them succeed in their sustainable transitions.


A trajectory associated with precise indicators up to 2025 and a determination to accelerate by 2030, once the conditions for success have been put in place.



No successful, durable transitions 
without trust and security

As a recognized and accredited third-party organization (COFRAC*), Apave positions itself as a trusted partner to its customers, providing its expertise and adapting to their challenges, their specific needs and new regulations. Throughout the world, the Apave Group relies on the commitment of its employees and their desire to be trusted partners.



Apave has always accompanied the various revolutions by guaranteeing the safety of people, property and the environment. After unveiling our Raison d'Etre, which brings us together, we are now taking a new step by integrating our social and environmental responsibility at the heart of the Group's strategy. With concrete, realistic objectives, we are committed to our employees, our customers and society as a whole, to work towards a safer, more sustainable world, one that is conducive to shared progress.

Picture of Philippe Maillard - Chief Executive Officer, Apave Group
Chief Executive Officer, Apave Group
/40 - Pay gap
% Employee commitment

(+3 points compared to 2020)

Opensquare barometer

/ 100 - Gender Equality Index
Satisfaction Client NPS
(Compared with 36.1 in 2020)
% of employees are trained
(27 hours 30 of training per employee)

Discover our integrated 2023 report

Discover the Apave Group's Integrated Annual Report 2023, which illustrates :

  • in-house initiatives
  • customer support for sustainable transitions (environmental, energy, social, digital)

Our HSE policy

“ Acting as trusted player for a safer, more sustainable world that is source of shared progress ”. This is our Group's corporate purpose. It is the basis for the actions we take on behalf of our employees and customers in the areas of health, safety and the environment, in order to protect human life and ecosystems.