#1 - Committed to the health and safety of our employees

Working for the health, safety and well-being of all our employees.

Safety is the foundation of all progress. Preventing, controlling and managing risks to ensure safe and secure working and living environments is Apave's DNA.

For several years now, Apave has been pursuing an active risk prevention policy, with a strong ambition shared by all, and embodied in a concrete approach known as "Objective Zero Accidents".

Whether on the road, at our customers' sites or on the company's premises, our 14,000 employees apply the safety principles and behaviours defined by the Group, creating a strong safety culture in line with our core business of "risk management".


""Our commitments


Reinforce everyone's safety culture through the implementation of a common base, consisting of :

  • 4 safety behaviours that everyone knows and applies
  • Clear PPE instructions for all Business activities
  • System for reporting dangerous situations
  • Safety rituals (talks, etc.)
  • Managerial actions to embody safety (Managerial Safety Visits, Managers' Charter, etc.).


Developing safety management :

  • Annual risk prevention program
  • ISO 45001 safety management systems


Collective Quality of Working Life initiatives, in particular the implementation of the QWL agreement in France.


""Our objectives

Accident frequency rate:    < 3
 Accident severity rate:    < 0,10


No successful, sustainable transitions 
without trust and security