#5 - Committed to helping our customers succeed in their sustainable transitions

Develop a specific range of offers, called "Green & Social


For more than 150 years, Apave has acted as a "trusted third party", accompanying the great revolutions that have fuelled history by helping them to come to fruition in complete safety. Today, the challenges are accelerating: the ecological, energy, climate and digital transitions we are undergoing are generating new risks that need to be identified, prevented and controlled. That's what our Green&Social range of services is all about. More than ever, Apave has reinforced and strengthened its expertise and know-how in specific areas such as the environment, safety at work, climate and decarbonisation, as well as in specific areas of expertise such as sustainability /CSRD reporting.

Providing tailored "Green & Social" solutions:

  • Specific expertise and know-how in the fields of the environment, health and safety, climate and decarbonisation, etc.
  • Supporting our customers: training, advising, monitoring, auditing, certifying, labelling... to help create a world and a future of trust
  • Developing high-level offerings on sustainability reporting issues and associated certifications, through our dedicated subsidiary RSE France (accredited to audit DPEFs and companies with missions).


A range of offerings that grew by 33% in 2023. An increase that confirms the strategic relevance of Apave's strategy 2 years ago.


There can be no lasting, successful transitions

without trust and security

Our business,

is to help our customers achieve successful sustainable transitions.


Committing to social, societal, environmental, energy and digital transitions requires technical and human expertise in sustainability.

As a leading player in risk management, Apave has developed a range of Green&Social solutions to ensure that sustainable development and safety are an integral part of its customers' business plans and day-to-day operations.


Apave's experts work alongside technical, operational and management teams to put CSR at the heart of their projects and day-to-day operations, through concrete diagnostic, training, support, verification and assessment actions.

EDF PEI Larivot power station

French Guiana ensures its energy transition


In order to meet French Guiana's energy needs and replace the existing oil-fired power plant, which is more than 40 years old, EDF PEI has opted for liquid biomass (biofuel based on vegetable oil, with the exception of palm and soya oil). The construction of the Larivot Bioenergy Plant, with its guaranteed power of 120 MW, will provide French Guiana with a high-performance, reliable and environmentally-friendly industrial facility.


Apave's Guianese teams have been working with EDF PEI and the GME (Vinci Grands Projets, Vinci Grands Travaux, Wartsila) on technical control of construction, health and safety on site, inspection and technical support. But that's not all! An engineer specialising in Health, Safety and the Environment is permanently on site. His role? To ensure that an effective Safety and Environmental Management System is put in place, so that new production equipment can be delivered on schedule.

What our customers say?

This global collaboration with Apave means that safety and environmental protection can be controlled on site, which are EDF PEI's primary requirements for the successful completion of this major project in French Guiana.


Sébastien JULIER
Head of the Larivot power station construction team (French Guiana)


Electrical compliance of terminals


By 2023, the target is ambitious, with 2.4 million electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, a 12-fold increase on the current situation. Electric charging points therefore represent a major challenge in the ecological and energy transition.


Throughout France, Apave is checking the electrical compliance of the 250 charging points installed in almost half of Hertz's branches (excluding franchisees and correspondents).

What our customers say?

For the inspection of our first fast-charging stations at Lyon Saint-Exupéry and Orly, Apave demonstrated its responsiveness and flexibility. Generally speaking, Apave is a key partner in the implementation of our policy of deploying charge points in our branches, and thanks to this our teams work in complete safety to help reduce the CO2 impact of our customers' journeys.


Thiébaut MOEGLIN
Head of Electrical Activities - EV Lead

Delta Dore

A low-carbon strategy supported by Apave


Delta Dore chose Apave to help it structure its decarbonisation approach and align its emissions reduction trajectory with the Paris Agreements: -25% by 2030 and -90% by 2050.

Apave's support enabled it to:

  • Benefit from a wealth of climate-related knowledge and skills
  • Benefit from methodological support and workshop facilitation
  • A common understanding of the challenges of global warming
  • Raise awareness of the impact of climate change within the company
  • Accelerate the project with an external driving force

What our customers say?

We knew that the carbon footprint approach was not enough to implement a global strategy to reduce our emissions. We wanted and needed to structure our own approach to decarbonisation.


Samuel TANNÉ
Quality Safety Environment Manager - Corporate Social Responsibility - Delta Dore Group


Electric vehicles: training technicians in Spain

Nissan Academy has entrusted Eurocontrol, Apave's Spanish subsidiary, with the training of its technicians working on electric vehicle batteries so that they can obtain EV N2 (LIBREPAIR) certification.
Drawing on their expertise in the automotive sector, in the field of electricity and electric vehicle batteries, Eurocontrol's trainers were able to combine theoretical and practical content at the Barcelona training centre, which boasts full-scale equipment.


The training was strongly focused on safety and protection at work, in line with Nissan standards and current regulations.

What our customers say?

The trainers clearly meet the requirements, knowledge and experience needed to provide training for the brand's specialist technicians. Thanks to Eurocontrol staff for their cooperation and efforts in preparing and running the training course so that it would be a success and considered as beneficial and useful as possible.