Our Values




“Listen to me, provide me with answers, make my life simpler", these are our customers expectations. The Group's 14,000 employees work everyday to respond effectively.


As a third party body, we guarantee impartiality and transparency vis-à-vis our customers and economic players (suppliers, manufacturers, etc.).


It is through our knowledge of the business, our demand for quality and transparency that we gain the trust and loyalty of our customers. Cross-functional approaches co-constructed with our clients allow us to increase the value we provide.



On a daily basis, our employees act with integrity, in compliance with the Group's ethical charters, and with a sense of community.



ethical charter
ethical charter

Apave, a specialist in risk management, is committed to ethics and quality on a daily basis.

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The Apave quality manual is the cornerstone of the quality management system, which Apave wanted to be simple and effective, in order to ensure the lasting and effective satisfaction of its customers. 

The quality manual provides a summary of the quality management system. This document is a means of communicating the quality approach, and is intended for :

  • Staff
  • Public and private clients, as well as other external and internal stakeholders
  • External assessors, auditors and inspectors who have been appointed as part of the various quality recognitions
  • The process for handling complaints and appeals is described in the Quality Manual


downloadDownload the manual (french version)