#2 - Committed to train 100% of our employees in sustainable transitions and make them players in the field

Ensuring that all our employees have the knowledge and skills they need to meet the challenges of sustainable change, so that they can contribute to it on a daily basis.

Understanding in order to act: "common sense" some would say; at Apave, we wanted to give ourselves the means to make this statement.

To become a player in the CSR roadmap, it is essential that every employee understands:

     - The challenges of sustainable transitions, the associated mechanisms and the changes that need to be activated to reverse the trends.

     - The content of the Group's strategy, its ambitions and its commitments in this area.

As a leader in professional training, Apave has deployed its "Apave Climate School" for all employees, the fruit of a partnership with Axa Climate.

At the same time, an educational program has been set up to give everyone a better understanding of Apave's strategy in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

""Our commitments

  • Training our employees to meet the challenges of sustainable transitions

  • Creation of the Apave Climate School, open to 100% of employees and available in several languages.
  • Introduction of 2 compulsory modules for all employees: "Le grand système climatique" and "La transition bas carbone", to be taken during working hours.


  • Training our employees in Apave's CSR strategy

  • Deployment of a digital module to understand the Group's commitments and encourage action.

""Our objectives

  • 100% of collaborators have access to "Apave Climate School".
  • 100% of collaborators have followed the 2 compulsory modules of the "Apave Climate School".
  • 100% of collaborators are trained in the Apave Group's CSR strategy



No successful, sustainable transitions

without trust and security